I didn’t understand how quickly they actually grew up until I had my own and y’all, they grow up fast! I don’t know how to slow it down, but I do know how to freeze the fleeting moment and here at Bree Elle Photography I do that in the form of our Oh, Baby! Plans. Packages range from covering maternity to one year and everything in-between. I promise there is a package for you and product in the package you’ll love!


Newborn sessions are the substance to the Oh, Baby! Plans, because without them, we wouldn’t be here! Sessions are held at the Bree Elle Studio, with an assistant on board, a comfy couch for mom and dad, and all the props we need to create the perfect custom newborn session.

3 Months

Three month sessions are all about showcasing baby’s newest trick. By this time most little ones have spent time on their tummy and are “pushing up” to check out the world around them. They are coo-ing and still have a touch of newness to them that is perfection to document.

6 Months

Oh, you little sitter! This stage is one of my favorites! Your little one has learned to sit up and is  so proud of himself/herself. And, of course, we are too. I call this the perfect age because they are full of smiles, but not quite mobile and it makes for some of the best images!

9 Months

Nine months is the bitter sweet time and last session prior to smashing their cake. It’s the perfect time to throw in some family portraits and document one of the last milestones prior to walking!

1 Year

ONE YEAR-YOU made it! This session sneaks up on us as we can’t even believe it’s been a year since we first met. One year sessions include a portrait session as well as a cake smash portion themed to your first birthday party theme. Sets are always custom designed by me and the cake is included!

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