This is us.

Who makes Bree Elle?

Aubree Snipes

I’m Aubree, owner of Bree Elle Photography. You will find me at the fore-front of almost all of the sessions with Bree Elle Photography from maternity, newborn to family sessions and everything in between, I’m your girl! I’m also the one answering most emails, calls, and messages as well as the editor behind making your images absolute perfection! I’m proud to say I don’t do it all alone. I’ve got a great team; they are life-savors, my closest friends and very wise women. I’m proud they represent Bree Elle Photography. Meet these amazing women below.

Breanne Johnson

Breanne joined the wedding team in 2015, she’s what made us a wedding duo, and I’m not sure what I’d do without her! She’s offered our brides an extra special guarantee that the second photographer on their day is trained in my style and works with me at every wedding. We’re two peas in a pod, with a simple look we know what each other are thinking, and we mesh together on your day to make everything run smoothly. Besides helping be a back bone to the wedding portion of Bree Elle, she runs a super amazing clothing boutique, a mini fitness empire, she’s a mom to two, a wife to a pretty tech savvy hubby, and a child of God. She’s precious and I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Shana Boehm

Shana began helping with newborn sessions from the start. Her love for babies is nothing short of a blessing and her willingness to serve is a beautiful addition to the Bree Elle family. Although she’s actually a real family member (she’s my aunt, but that’s a story for another day) our time spent together at the studio is just extra special. She brings a sense of security and safety to newborn sessions as she’s an extra set of hands and eyes to make everything run smooth and safe. Your little one is safe and loved in our hands and that’s our main goal: beautiful portraits and a happy baby.